Laser Skin Resurfacing: As Recommended In Nora Gouma Magazine

Medical practices and techniques have been revolutionized by the introduction of lasers as a surgical tool. The laser, which is really a highly focused beam of light, can be used with a precision utterly unknown just thirty years ago in every procedure it’s been incorporated into. Lasers can be manipulated with a fine degree of control, performing operations which at one time would either have been highly complicated and potentially dangerous or virtually impossible. One such discipline improved by lasers is plastic surgery.

Laser skin resurfacing is very much what the phrase suggests. It is a method of applying lasers to the task of smoothing the skin. We all know that as we age, our skin becomes less flexible, retains less of the moisture it needs to remain supple, and increasingly exhibits signs of age. The longer the process of aging does its relentless work, the more deleterious the effect it has on one’s personal appearance. The appearance of skin is also affected by a number of other factors and conditions. Among these are factors such as poor diet and obesity, skin disease, overall poor health, and the effects of bad habits such as smoking which prematurely ages us.

As discussed in outlets such as Nora Gouma Magazine and others, laser skin resurfacing is a largely out-patient procedure by which layers of the dermis are removed or sections of the tissue are coagulated. The procedure is also employed to remove warts and moles, erase age and liver spots, and smooth out wrinkles. In these latter procedures, a non-invasive course of treatment is indicated. The target area of the face or body is numbed. Once that has taken effect, the laser then goes to work.

The type of laser to be used is dictated by the condition requiring treatment, of course. For non-ablative treatments, in which no skin layer is actually burned away, a fraxel laser is used to fire precision microbeams into the skin to create a region of affected tissues. In most cases, this requires no greater intervention than heating the target area to encourage coagulation of fat and other tissues until they begin smoothing out on their own. Treatments such as wart removal, on the other hand, need a CO2 laser to perform the actual burning away of the undesired flesh in selected zones. However, before any medical procedure, a patient should secure confidential advice. Consult with a professional clinician today.

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